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  1. Reddit users send an image of a grieving doctor in California viral
  3. Inappropriate things doctors have said to Reddit patients
  4. Reddit users send an image of a grieving doctor in California viral

Reddit users send an image of a grieving doctor in California viral

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Head over to Reddit. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Digital Vision. Move over, Maxim Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Search healthfinder. Find us on: Get Email Updates. Review Date: Tuesday, December 04, Hepatitis B Foundation. Find a Bariatric Physician A bariatric physician specializes in the treatment of weight-related conditions.

Inappropriate things doctors have said to Reddit patients

Find a Cancer Doctor Search this database to find an oncologist—the cancer specialist you and your family will be working with throughout your cancer care and treatment. Wednesday, April 01, DeafMD. Find a Gynecologic Oncologist If you have been diagnosed with a gynecological cancer, such as cervical, endometrial, uterine or ovarian cancer, use this search tool to locate a gynecologic oncologist in your area.

Tuesday, October 28, Foundation for Women's Cancer. Monday, June 01, American College of Surgeons. Find a Neurologist Find an AAN member neurologist in your area with specialized training in diagnosing, treating, and managing disorders of the brain and nervous system.

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Wednesday, January 02, American Academy of Neurology. Find a Pediatrician or Pediatric Specialist Search for an American Academy of Pediatrics member pediatrician, pediatric sub-specialist, or pediatric surgical specialist in your area. Tuesday, December 04, American Academy of Pediatrics.

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  • Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association's Provider Directory can help lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people find primary care providers, specialists, therapists, dentists, and other health professionals. Find a Pulmonary Hypertension Specialist Find a clinic, hospital or medical center near you that specializes in pulmonary hypertension treatment.

    Thursday, December 27, PHCentral. Find a Rheumatologist This page will help you find a rheumatology health professional in your geographic area. Tuesday, December 04, American College of Rheumatology. Find a Spine Doctor This information is provided to assist the public in finding doctors who specialize in back care and surgery. Find an ENT Physician Find an otolaryngologist ear, nose and throat physician by name, location, or speciality in the United States and abroad.

    Find an Ophthalmologist Search this directory to locate an ophthalmologist Eye M. Monday, June 01, American Academy of Ophthalmology. One recalled a doctor doing a pap smear who said 'woah! Another had an MD who said, 'And there's that pretty pink cervix!

    One woman told a story about a nurse, not a doctor, whose inappropriate behavior was also likely in violation of HIPPA's privacy provisions. While in the parking lot for a follow-up appointment about a new pregnancy, she received a call from her doctor's office. Furious and distraught, the woman insisted on getting her blood drawn — after which she learned that she was not, in fact, miscarrying at all.

    Even if you aren't meaning harm, it's still not OK,' the woman added. One woman said that when she was 15 and getting her throat swabbed by a male doctor, the MD commented on the fact that she had lost her gag reflex. I looked confused so he repeated himself with more of an emphasis on "adult".

    There were some stories of doctors who really crossed a line. She smiles slightly, and continues on with the rest of the physical like nothing happened,' he recalled. Many patients said they had doctors who were dismissive of their issues, writing off symptoms as being no big deal — when, later, they turned out to require surgery or some other major medical intervention. But while incompetence is bad, it can be worse when a doctor ignores his or her promise to 'first, do no harm. After confirming the leg was broken via X-Ray, the Reddit user explained that the doctor then told the residents: If they yell, their leg is broken.

    The patient went on: I haven't been back to him since.

    Reddit users send an image of a grieving doctor in California viral

    People also shared upsetting stories about rude doctors, like one who told a woman to 'get a grip' when she began crying upon learning her husband had cancer in his bladder, colon, lymph nodes, and prostate. I can't really help. They're the fat ones.